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Hieronymus Mango

Missa in D Nokki spurious 3

Wanhal ?
Nokki spurious 3
Weinmann XIX:D9

Attributed names: Johann Baptist Wanhal, Franz Xaver Schlecht

Authenticity: Spurious Attribution (Probably by Hieronymus Mango)

A signature in the hand of the Italio-Bavarian composer Hieronymus Mango exists for this work, and most surviving copies are also credited to him. Whilst the two manuscript copies attributed to Wanhal as geographically disparate enough to suggest that there must have been a branch of transmission that attributed the work to Wanhal, there is little reason to question the prevalent attribution.

One should, however, note that the work seems to have existed in a copy misattributed to Franz Xaver Schlecht at the time Mango's copy was finished. It is beyond the scope of this catalogue to finally decide authorship between the two, but this might suggest that Mango's surviving autograph is not the oldest version of the piece.

27 September 1782 Autograph by Hieronymus Mango dated
September 1782 Harburg copy attributed to Schlecht dated
1782 Harburg copy performed
1782 Performance of Münster copy
1790 Feldkirch copy acquired
July 1790 Weyarn copy dated

- Sources

Copy, Archepiscopal archive, Gniezno

Title page: Missa solemnis ex D "Beata Virgo Maria"

Not seen. Information taken from Weinmann1987.

PL-GNd AAG. Muz.I.5.

Copy, Swabian Country Archive, Tübingen

Title page: Missa brevis in D | â | 4,, Vocibus Ordinarÿs | Due Violini | Alt Viola | Con | Organo | Composte da Sigre Vannhall, Cohr [!] Guttenzell

Provenance: Cistercian monastery, Gutenzell.
Not seen. Information taken from RISM.


D-TI G 149.
RISM 455011920.

Autograph, Santini-Bibliothek, Münster (Hieronymus Mango)

[Classification: notated music, manuscript, autograph, score]
Title page: Originale di Girolamo Mango.
Note in score: die 27 Septembris anno 1782 / Hieronymus Mango Complevit

Not seen. Information from RISM.


D-MÜs SANT Hs 2467.

Copy, Church Archive, Feldkirch (Hieronymus Mango)

Title page: Missa Solemnis in D | Auctore Mango | N|o VII. | Ad S. Nicolaum | n. 20

Not seen. Information from RISM.
RISM claims that the work was acquired in 1790, but cites no source.


A-FK II 77.
RISM 600073061.

Copy, Central Library, Solothurn (Hieronymus Mango)

Title page: Missa | à | C. A. T. B. | Due Violini due Corni due Clarini | Due oboe | alto Viol. Con Tÿmpano | et | Organo | Del Sigr. Mango

Provenance: St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn.
Not seen. Information from RISM.


CH-SO (Ms.8014).
RISM 400034676.

Copy, Öttinger-Wallerstein Library, Harburg (Hieronymus Mango)

Title page: Messa Solenne | à | Soprano, Alto, | Tenore, | Basso, | Due Violini, | Violetta Obligata | Due Oboi, ò Flauto Traversi | Oblig:-ti | Due Corni in F. G. è Dis. | Due Trombe in D. | Timpani in D. | Con | Organo | Del Sig: Girolamo Mango | Maestro di Capella di S: A: R.ma: | Il Vescovo e Principe d'Eichstett.
Back of wrapper: NB: 13 Nov. 1782 productaft

Not seen. Information from RISM.


D-HR III 4 1/2 2|o 85.
RISM 450025194.

Copy, County Church, Weyarn (Hieronymus Mango)

Title page: Missa Solemnis Toni D, a 4 Vocibus, 2 Violinis, Viola, 2 Oboe et Flauto, 2 Cornibus F, G et Es, 2 Clarinis D, Tympanis D, Violone con Organo. Authore D. Mango.
Note (unknown placement): Ad chorum Eccl[es]iae Coll. SS. AA. Petri et Pauli in Weyarn, recens descripta Mense Julio 1790

Not seen. Information from RISM.


D-WEY 298.
RISM 450012280.

Copy, Öttinger-Wallerstein Library, Harburg (Franz Xaver Schlecht)

Title page: In D. | Missa. | â | Canto, Alto. | Tenore, Basso. | 2. Violini. | 2. Oboe | 2. Clarini | Viola ob: | Tympano | è | Organo. | Auth. Schlecht.
Note (unknown placement): 1780: September

Not seen. Information from RISM.


D-HR III 4 1/2 2|o 136.
RISM 450025623.

- Bibliography

Weinmann, Alexander: Themen-Verzeichnis der Kompositionen von Johann Baptiste Wanhal. Musikverlag Ludwig Krenn: Vienna 1987.


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Missa in D Nokki spurious 3

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