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Kajetán Vogl

Mass in C Nokki spurious 1

Wanhal ?
Nokki spurious 2
Weinmann1987 XIX:deest
Weiss1977 1a.2

Attributed names: Johann Baptist Wanhal, Johann Michael Haydn

Authenticity: Spurious

There is one copy of this mass found under Wanhal's name in Nechanice. The work is however known in no less than twelve sources attributed to Wanhal's younger compatriot Kajetán Vogl (1750–1794). Certain features in the music, such as the vocals entering halfway through the first theme of the Kyrie, and the use of imperfect authentic cadences (with the third of the final tonic in the melody) independently bolster an attribution to Vogl rather than Wanhal. The attribution to Michael Haydn in one source is an obvious error and need not be considered further.

1795 Performance of Kremsmünster copy.
1813, 1 April Performance of Želiv copy.
1820 New(?) S part written out in Kaufbeuren copy.

Extent: 629 bars

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Mass in C Nokki spurious 1

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