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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in Eb Nokki lost 4 [Weinmann XIX:Es6]

Wanhal ?
Nokki lost 4
Nokki 31 (abandoned)
Weinmann XIX:Es6

Authenticity: Undecided

It has not yet been possible to acquire this work. It is included here for completion, and it is to be hoped that it can be accessed at a later date.

State: Incomplete

The vocal parts for this mass have not survived. As it cannot reasonably be reconstructed, it is therefore considered a lost work.

- Music

Incipit taken from Weinmann1987

- Sources

Copy, Archdiocesal Archive, Gniezno

Title page: Missa ex[?] Dis, 4 vosi [sic], 2 Viol., Alto-Viola, 2 Clarini, 2 Cor, Organo.

Not seen. Information taken from Weinmann1987. Vocal parts reported to be missing.

PL-GNd AAG Muz.I.47.

- Bibliography

Weinmann, Alexander: Themen-Verzeichnis der Kompositionen von Johann Baptiste Wanhal. Ludwig Krenn: Vienna 1987.


File title:

Missa in Eb Nokki lost 4 [Weinmann XIX:Es6]

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