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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in D Nokki lost 2 [Weinmann XIX:D3]

Wanhal ?
Nokki lost 2
Weinmann XIX:D3

This work is known only from Rajhrad1771. It has not survived in the collection of the Museum of Music in Brno, where the Rajhrad collection is housed today; no other copies are known to have existed.

The work was charted in Weinmann1987, but the entry there is puzzling. The number Weinmann referred to in Rajhrad1771 ('No. 151') is much too early both for works of Wanhal's generation, and it was only with mass #287 that one begins finding works with treble-clef incipits; the text given does not match any particular entry.

On the other hand, his incipit (which cannot be found in Rajhrad1771) matches the bass incipit well enough that they could plausibly belong together. If so, where did Weinmann get his information from? He did not supply any shelfmark for the entry, and as studies of the collection in the Moravian Museum have been fruitless, there is little reason to believe that Weinmann found any copies of the work. Beyond this, where he got his information from is a mystery.

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Missa in D Nokki lost 2 [Weinmann XIX:D3]

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