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Missa in C Nokki dubious 9 [Weinmann XIX:C10/G3]

Wanhal ?
Nokki dubious 9
Nokki 17 (abandoned)
Weinmann XIX:C10
Weinmann XIX:G3

Attributed names: Johann Baptist Wanhal, František Xaver Krištof Kohl, 'Peregrino', 'Cajetani'

Authenticity: Dubious Authenticity

This works survives only in one copy attributed to Wanhal. It is attributed to František Xaver Krištof Kohl (Franz Kohl?) in another source, and to 'Peregrino' and 'Cajetani' in others. Stylistically the work does not exhibit any traits that particularly speak for or against Wanhal's authorship.

A Note on Weinmann

In Weinmann1987 the work is listed twice. It appears that he has indeed listed the same work twice, as the reference to XIX:G3 (vol. 2, p. 208) refers to 'Broumov 214 A'. There exists no work under this shelfmark, but the copy of XIX:C10 does indeed stem from the Broumov collection. I have not been able to find any reason why Weinmann would give the incipit in G for XIX:G3.

Extent: 1032 bars

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Missa in C Nokki dubious 9 [Weinmann XIX:C10/G3]

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