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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in g Nokki dubious 8

Wanhal ?
Nokki dubious 8
Nokki 48 (abandoned)
Weinmann deest

Authenticity: Questionable Authenticity (Partially Authentic?)

This work only exists in a single copy, and in a peripheral source. Its construction and transmission are both convoluted matters. The work survives in a manuscript along with a greatly modified version of Nokki 11 (11b). Wanhal's name is not found in the manuscript itself, and has merely been inferred though its juxtaposition with the aforementioned work.

One can still entertain the notion that the masses have been transmitted together owing to them both being attributed to Wanhal elsewhere. In this case, this mass must have been edited significantly. Textually, the mass notably omits the 'Crucifixus' and the later parts of the Credo, as was common in some geographic areas, but this solution is not found in any mass that can be attributed to Wanhal beyond reasonable doubt. The Et Incarnatus is set in C, meaning that the Credo section does not end in the same key as it began in. One can therefore assume that this Credo originally contained at least one more movement. One can speculate whether the Gloria is another case of contrafacture, where the entirety of the text has been crammed into one movement. As a slight nod towards Wanhal's possible authorship, one might note that this movement ends with a defective version of the Mons Wanhali.

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Missa in g Nokki dubious 8

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