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Missa in F Nokki dubious 5 [Weinmann XIX:F3]

Wanhal ?
Nokki dubious 5
Weinmann XIX:F3
MacIntyre1986 M. 66

Attributed names: Johann Baptist Wanhal, Franz Xaver Schlecht, Antonio Rosetti, Jan Zach

Authenticity: probably spurious

This work is known from several sources, and was regarded by Bruce MacIntyre as a mass where there was 'no doubt about the authorship'. (MacIntyre1986, p. 9) Since this time, however, it has been shown that the same work has been transmitted in a large number of copies attributed to Franz Xaver Schlecht (1730-1782). No autograph has been found, but one should note that there not only are more copies in Schlecht's name, but that they are spread over a larger geographic area. A single copy is also attributed to Antonio Rosetti and Jan Zach respectively. Given that Wanhal's masses only start to surface in dated copies in the late 1770s, it seems unlikely that one of his works should already have existed in a misattributed copy as far away as in Bavaria in 1778.

Stylistically the work is plausibly by Wanhal, but no obviously so. The setting of 'Cum Sancto Spiritu' as a short motto before an Amen fugue is typical of Wanhal, but the setting of the rest of the Gloria as a single movement (in a relatively long mass) and the lack of a Dona nobis (a reuse of the Kyrie music was normally only used by Wanhal in shorter work) are both very atypical. Whilst the choice to set the Credo as a single movement is also atypical, the rewriting of the Credo music for the Et resurrexit is typical of his larger works.

For the time being no studies against other works by Schlecht have been done, but it seems safe to suggest that the work most likely is not by Wanhal.

1778 Weyarn copy dated
1781 Harburg copy dated
1785 Broumov copy dated
August 1786 Performance of Harburg copy
26 December 1832 Performance of Tegernsee copy

Extent: 946 bars

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Missa in F Nokki dubious 5 [Weinmann XIX:F3]

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