Catalogus novus Wanhali Become a Contributor


The Johann Baptist Waṅhal Cataloguing Project is continually looking for contributors. We are always interested in hearing of manuscripts that have not come to our attention, and from people who would like to contribute to the catalogue themselves.

Who Are You

We are looking for specialists on particular collections and repertoires that are of particular interest to Waṅhal scholarship.

If you are working on a PhD or similar (or higher) and hold a strong interest in a particular genre of music where Waṅhal made a contribution, we might be interested in having you help us develop the catalogue within your field of study. For the time being, we are hoping to look further into the following genres:

Divertimenti, cassations &c.
Piano works
Chamber music
Dance music
Works for organ

For many of these, we would also be interested in people looking at further subdivisions of the genre (chamber music is a particularly large genre).

If you are working on a postgraduate degree (or higher) and hold a strong interest in a collection of music that holds manuscripts or prints by Waṅhal, we are always interested in adding manuscripts that have not yet been surveyed to our catalogue, as well as adding further physical information or information about the context of manuscripts that have already been surveyed.

What We Can Provide

Whereas no economic support can be given for projects at present, we can assist in the acquisition of source material if necessary. We are also interested in communicating about how individual contributions can benefit both the catalogue and the contributor the most. This will include but is not limited to the writing of recommendations for grants, scholarships etc. and communication with superiors and supervisors (where applicable) about how a project can be made to benefit both the contributor and the catalogue the most.

If you are interested in making a scholarly contribution to the Catalogus novus Wanhali, please contact our general editor Dr. Halvor K. Hosar at