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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in Bb Nokki 61

Wanhal ?
Nokki 61
Weinmann deest

Attributed names: Franciscus Lamboni?, Giovanni Zamboni?

Attribution: Highly Questionable Attribution

It has not yet been possible to acquire this work. It is known only from two copies, attributed respectively to Wanhal and a 'Zambony'. Whereas RISM connects this to a 'Franciscus Lamboni' whose name is otherwise found in only one manuscript, a mass from the same era (CZ-Pnm XLVI E 394). There is an older composer named 'Giovanni Zamboni' (1664-1721), whose age and production, which primarily consists of madrigals, make an attribution to him unrealistic.

The 'Zambony' attribution is found in a manuscript that belonged to the Ursuline convent in Bratislava. Wanhal was associated with the Ursuline convent of Varaždin through the 1770s. This convent was directly subordinate to the one in Bratislava, and a significant repertoire of his music is found in both locales. Is it possible that this work at some point was misattributed to Wanhal because somebody acquired it through the Ursuline convent?

This mass will be moved into the category of 'dubious' works unless strong support for his authorship can found in the music.

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Missa in Bb Nokki 61

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