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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in Bb Nokki 59 [Weinmann XIX:B5]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 59
Weinmann XIX:B5

Authenticity: Possibly Authentic

The attribution to Wanhal is not beyond the pale, even if there are some suspect aspects to the work. The single-movement Credo, which uses 'Credo in unum Deum' as a repeated phrase, is unusual. However, the work is copiously attested to in Czech sources, with no counterattributions known. The use of a single flute, clarinets (owing to their range they are unlikely to have originated as oboes) and horns is not found in works that can be attributed to Wanhal beyond reasonable doubt, but variants of this is fairly common in works found predominantly in Czechia. It therefore cannot be written off entirely.

Incipit in Weinmann1987

Unusually, Weinmann1987 (p. 212, vol. 2) gives incipits both for VlnI and S for this work. However the S incipit lacks the 12 bars of pause that make room for the orchestral introduction to the Kyrie. It is possible that a reduced version exists in one of the copies that have not yet been surveyed, but this seems unlikely, as Weinmann's violin incipit is taken from the introduction.

29 May 1792 Pelhřimov copy dated

Extent: 861 bars

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Missa in Bb Nokki 59 [Weinmann XIX:B5]

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