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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in Bb Nokki 54 [Weinmann XIX:B4]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 54
Weinmann XIX:B4

Autenticity: Possibly Authentic

There are some suspicious aspects to this composition. First of all, the decision to set a single-movement Credo in a work with a three-movement Gloria would be rather unusual for a Viennese composer, who usually set the Et incarnatus as a separate movement in all but the smallest works. Stranger still is the tri-partition of the Kyrie, where the Kyrie I almost works as a slow introduction to the Christe. Despite this, it is not possible at present to wholly reject the idea that this might plausibly have been an experiment.

2 February 1797 Performance recorded
16 May 1798 Performance recorded
25 March 1799 Performance recorded
25 May 1801 Performance recorded
6 November 1803 Performance recorded
25 May 1805 Performance recorded
1 November 1810 Performance recorded
16 May 1816 Performance recorded
16 July 1820 Performance recorded
8 December 1821 Performance recorded

Extent: 749 Bars

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Missa in Bb Nokki 54 [Weinmann XIX:B4]

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