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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in G Nokki 47 [Weinmann XIX:G2]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 47
Weinmann XIX:G2

Authentiity: Probably Authentic

This is one of the works attributed to Wanhal with the most surviving copies. Stylistically, it belongs with the 'Domine Deus' masses. As such, its attribution is beyond reasonable doubt.


In masses such as this, movements could easily be omitted or changed. So far, only one variant from the Swiss Stift Disentis is known. This manuscript contains only a selection of the movements found in the full original. Whilst the Kyrie and Gloria movements have been retexted, the remaining sections are incomplete, as the text found in omitted movements has not been added elsewhere. As far as orchestration goes, the timpani have been replaced and the trumpets replaced with horns.

1782 Zeliv copy dated
1787 Herzogenburg copy dated
1788 Disentis copy dated
1851 Rajhrad copy dated

Extent: 2044 bars

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Abrreviated Disentis Version

Nokki 48b

Extent: 883 bars

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Missa in G Nokki 47 [Weinmann XIX:G2]

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