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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in F Nokki 41 [Weinmann XIX:C3]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 41
Weinmann XIX:C3

Former owners: Anton Mayer, Hieronymus Mayer

Authenticity: Dubious Authenticity

There are some reasons to be suspicious of this work. Its key scheme and the use of a pricipal trumpet are unusual, but not unique amongst Wanhal's work. Authorship (in whole or parts) therefore cannot be ruled out entirely.The work is relatively short, and therefore light on stylistic signifiers that could further help clarify authorship.

The work only survives in a single manuscript. This is found in Osek, an institution which both showed great interest in Wanhal’s sacred works and has a record of almost exclusively acquiring authentic works. Judging from its appearance, however, this manuscript arrived in Osek separately from the remainder of the works, and should not be regarded as part of their core repertoire of works by Wanhal.


This work has an unusual key scheme, where the outer movements are in F and the remaining movements act as though C is their tonal centre. Weinmann1987 incorrectly gave the incipit as being in C. It is unlikely that he was aware of this phenomenon, as he obviously did not have personal access to the sources in Prague.

1804 Soprano part dated
1833 Title page dated; possible transfer of ownership

Extent: 638 bars

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Missa in F Nokki 41 [Weinmann XIX:C3]

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