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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in F Nokki 40 [Weinmann XIX:F1/F5]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 41
Weinmann XIX:F1
Weinmann XIX:F5

Authenticity: Probably Authentic

This work is somewhat strange proportionally, as the first movement of the Gloria, which sets most of the text, is very short. The Kyrie is set as a ABA' form with a shortened version of the opening Kyrie I returning at the end, which is more characteristic of reworkings than of works one can safely attribute to Wanhal. It does, however, have many of the traits typical of Wanhal's cantata masses: 'Domine Deus Agnus Dei' is set as part of the Qui tollis, the Quoniam is a long da capo aria, and Cum Sancto Spiritu is set as a quick introduction to an Amen fugue. It is possible that earlier parts of the work has been tampered with, but this seems unlikely, as there is no significant variation between the sources.


This work has a complex transmission history, and it has been decided that more copies of the work needs to be acquired for this to be explored in detail. For now, we can recommend CZ-Pnm XVIII B 22 as a complete copy of the work.

1783 Osek copy dated.

Extent: 1445 bars

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Missa in F Nokki 40 [Weinmann XIX:F1/F5]

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