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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in Eb Nokki 32 [Weinmann XIX:Es2]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 32
Weinmann XIX:Es2

Authenticity: Possibly Authentic

This work survives in two Bohemian copies; stylistically the attribution is plausible, but nothing more. It is one of two Kyrie-Gloria masses attributed to Wanhal. This form was far more prevalent in Bohemia and Moravia than in Austria, and if Wanhal wrote it, it is likely to have been at the request of a Bohemian or Moravian patron.

If this work is not by Wanhal, it is the only inauthentic mass in the Osek collection.

1811 Strahov copy dated
1827 Strahov copy dated
1830 Strahov copy dated
1833 Strahov copy dated
1837 Strahov copy dated
1843 Strahov copy dated

Extent: 539 bars

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Missa in Eb Nokki 32 [Weinmann XIX:Es2]

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