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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in D Nokki 29

Wanhal ?
Nokki 29
Weinmann deest

Authenticity: Dubious Authenticity

This work treats the text in ways that are not seen in Wanhal's other works, which also renders the attribution dubious. The Kyrie section is set in two movements, with 'Christe eleison' being represented in both; the textual scheme is AB|ABA. In the Gloria, the 'qui tollis' section has been cut down only to include the first sentence, 'qui tollis peccata mundi miserere nobis'. Whilst one finds instances elsewhere where Wanhal could cut in words in specific statements of these phrases, he made sure that they were all uttered. The use of a principal trumpet is dubious, but it is also found in a small number of other peripheral works attributed to Wanhal.

The work has nevertheless been included in the main list, as this is not beyond what Wanhal might have done as an experiment or for a commission.


Whereas the title page calls for two trumpets and a principal, one finds only the principal and two horn parts in the surviving copy. The horn parts call for trumpets in the movements that employ timpani. Whilst the presence of the principal throughout is suspect, this arrangement is plausible enough that it cannot be dismissed out of hand.

12 August 1819 Violone part dated
12 August 1821 Organ part dated
26 August 1819 Violin I and Viola parts dated
28 August 1821 Soprano part dated
1 September 1821 Tenor and Oboe I parts dated
3 September 1821 Horn II part dated

Extent: 719 bars

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Missa in D Nokki 29

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