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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in D Nokki 24

Wanhal ?
Nokki 24
Weinmann deest

Authenticity: Possibly Authentic

This work is known to survive only in one copy. Stylistically the attribution is plausible, but nothing more. The Da capo of the Credo for the Et resurrexit is unusual (with Wanhal, one far more often finds it completely rewritten to accommodate the textual differences), but this is found in the works of his friend Dittersdorf, and is therefore plausible as a solution he might use.

Pastoral Mass

This is a pastoral mass, which was a sub-genre of masses used to celebrate the Nativity. They are commonly characterised by triple meters, prominent oboes to emulate the shepherds' flutes, and a general preference for calm over drama.

Choice of Key

This mass has previously been catalogued as being in D minor, owing to the five-bar introduction; as a whole it is obviously in D major.

1826 Extant copy dated.

Extent: 799 bars

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Missa in D Nokki 24

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