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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in D Nokki 22

Wanhal ?
Nokki 22
Weinmann deest

Authenticity: Possibly Authentic

This work survives in two copies, and without any counterattributions. It should be mentioned, however, that both copes stem from Brno, and do not lend as much strength to the attribution as two distant sources would have done. Stylistically, the attribution is plausible, even if there are some aspects that speak against it. Wanhal did not set the entire Gloria text up to Quoniam as a single movement anywhere else, and the Quoniam's tonality, the submediant Bb, is also somewhat curious. The Benedictus, which tends to be of uniform length regardless of the scope of the complete work,is very short. This is not enough, however, for the attribution to be disregarded, as Wanhal may well have been experimenting or (perhaps more likely in this case) answering the desires of a patron.

1813 Drnholec copy dated.

Extent: 761 bars

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Missa in D Nokki 22

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