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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in C Nokki 18

Wanhal ?
Nokki 18
Nokki 30 (abandoned)
Weinmann deest

Authenticity: Possibly (Partially?) Authentic

This work survives only in a single copy. There are several stylistically suspect traits. First of all, the surviving source only places double bars at the end of each section of the mass. Whereas one might easily add double bars, one also sees that there are examples of what appears to be movements performed attacca, and sections in different tempi and keys that are too short to work as independent movements. For these reasons, no attempt has been made here to decide whether and where added breaks between movements is necessary. The use of "Laudamus te" as a repeated idea in the Gloria, not unlike the manner of the Credo mass, is not found in any of Wanhal's other works. The soloistic manner of the organ is likewise suspicious, but not entirely dissimilar from what one finds in the more certainly attributable Nokki 05. The Credo largely follows Wanhal's normal procedures, however. The work has therefore been tentatively included in the catalogue as a possible experiment or as a work that contains movements written by Wanhal.

Numbering in the Nokki Catalogue

The first movement of this mass is in C minor, which at some point of the cataloguing process was misinterpreted as Eb. This numbering is used in the unpublished Hosar2019 alone. As this dissertation is being reworked into articles, the work was moved to the available Nokki 18, which was previously used for a work now believed to be a variant of Nokki 08. This numbering will be used in all later publications.

Extent: 1176 bars

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Missa in C Nokki 18

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