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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in C Nokki 10 [Weinmann XIX:C7]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 10
Weinmann XIX:C7
MacIntyre1986 M. 64

Attributed name: Joseph Haydn

Authenticity: Probably Authentic

This is one of Wanhal's most copied masses, and stylistically the attribution is wholly plausible. One can notice in particular the use of pseudo-fugues, a texture where a fugally-conceived idea is traded between the voices, which otherwise are set in a homorhythmic hymnal style, in the Kyrie and Dona nobis. I have not seen this in use outside of Wanhal's masses from the 1770s.

A single known manuscript attributed to a Haydn. MacIntyre1982 attributes it to Joseph Haydn, and the Joseph Haydn Institut has catalogued it internally as C26. The mass productions of both Haydn brothers are fairly well-known, and the attribution may be safely disregarded.

Reuse of material

The Quoniam of this work has been reused as the Gloria in Nokki 11b. Whilst it is curious that a movement so easily attributable to Wanhal should be found in this manner, there is little reason to assume the composer's involvement: whereas ritornelli as commonly employed in Quoniam arias, they are nowhere else found in Gloria movements, which are always set as choruses.

Extent: 1047 bars

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Missa in C Nokki 10 [Weinmann XIX:C7]

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