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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in C Nokki 08 [Weinmann XIX:C9]

Wanhal ?
Nokki 08
Nokki 09 (abandoned)
Weinmann XIX:C9

Authenticity: Probably Authentic

This is one of the 'Domine Deus' masses, whose unified style and widespread attribution to Wanhal marks him as the author beyond reasonable doubt.


In addition to the original version, this work exists in at least one abbreviated version, where the following changes have been made to movements:

* Gloria is replaced by a new movement;
* Kyrie II is replaced by a repetition of Kyrie I;
* The entirety of the Gloria text up to the Quoniam movement is telescoped into the opening movement, and the four intervening movements removed;
* The Et vitam fugue is replaced by a short repetition of music heard previously in the Et resurrexit movement;
* Benedictus and Osanna II (a da capo of Osanna I) have been replaced with a separate Benedictus with an internal Osanna II section;
* The Dona Nobis has been removed in favour of a retexting of the Kyrie.

In addition to this, there appear to be a number of smaller cuts.

There is little reason to believe that Wanhal had any part in these changes, and the insterted movements are not found in any of his other works.

There are slight differences in the content of the opening Kyrie, and this originally caused these works to be catalogued separately. For this reason, Nokki 09 is no longer in use.

1 Sept 1878 Performance of Schottenstift copy
21 Sept 1879 Performance of Schottenstift copy
25 Sept 1881 Performance of Schottenstift copy
24 Sept 1882 Performance of Schottenstift copy
5 Aug 1883 Performance of Schottenstift copy
25 Oct 1885 Performance of Schottenstift copy
24 Nov 1889 Performance of Schottenstift copy

Original version

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Abbreviated version

Nokki 08b
Nokki 09 (abandoned)

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Missa in C Nokki 08 [Weinmann XIX:C9]

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