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Johann Baptist Wanhal

Missa in C Nokki 02

Wanhal ?
Nokki 02
Weinmann deest

Authenticity: Possibly Authentic

This work survives in only one copy. It is a Kyrie-Gloria mass, of which only one other, Nokki 32, is attributed to him. Such Kyrie-Gloria masses were not uncommon in Bohemia and Moravia, and Wanhal may well have been commissioned for such works; alternatively this may have been a full work where only the Kyrie and Gloria have survived. Stylistically the attribution in plausible, but no more. The setting of Qui sedes as a separate movement is unique amongst the masses attributed to him. Whilst the use of both flues and oboes is suspect, this may well have been an experiment or a rescoring.

Extent: 655 bars

- Music

1. Kyrie

Tempo: Allegro

Metre: 3

Key: C major

Extent: 144 bars

2. Gloria

Tempo: Allegro

Metre: 3

Key: C major

Extent: 106 bars

3. Domine Deus

Tempo: Andante

Key: G minor

Extent: 133 bars

4. Qui tollis

Tempo: Andantino

Metre: 2

Key: D minor

Extent: 74 bars

5. Qui sedes

Tempo: Allegro

Metre: 𝄴

Key: D minor

Extent: 17 bars

6. Quoniam

Tempo: Allegretto

Metre: 𝄴

Key: F major

Extent: 63 bars

7. Cum Sancto Spiritu

Tempo: Adagio

Metre: 𝄵

Key: F major

Extent: 4 bars

8. Amen

Tempo: Allegro moderato

Metre: 3

Key: C major

Extent: 114 bars

- Sources

Performance parts, Museum of Music, Prague

[Classification: notated music, manuscript, copy, parts, complete]
Title page: Missa Ex C. Kÿ. et gloria / â / Canto Alto Tenore Basso. / Violino Primo / Secundo / Oboe Primo / Secundo / Flautrov. Primo / Secundo / Clarino Primo / Secundo / Alto Viola / Con / Fondamento / Sigl: Wanhall. / [Bottom right] Pro me / [stricken out] / Cajetan Siegl / P[ater?] et Rector á Strahov.
End of Org.: Soli Deo Honor.
B and Vln I are written on smaller paper, and appear to be later replacements.

Provenance: Strahov monastery

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CZ-Pnm B 454.


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Missa in C Nokki 02

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